1st of January Birthday Horoscope

January 1st Birthday Horoscope

If you were born on the 1st of January your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn


Birthday Persona Profile

People born on the 1st of January are known to be high achievers and are usually very ambitious. They are highly determined in their stance as is symbolised in their Capricorn Goat zodiac symbol. The ruling astrological planet for your birthday is the Sun and this creates cheerful personalities that enjoy challenges and whom are often full of innovative ideas. Lets take a closer look at your birthday horoscope.

You expect high standards of yourself and others and possess a cautious but optimistic approach to life. You present yourself as a cool, calm and collected person but on the inside you sometimes impatience and insecurity can get the better of you. Although you are a loyal and dependable person you sometimes find it difficult compromising with others especially when it comes to your strong principles. You also tend to hide your inner anxieties and may appear aloof or bossy at times as a result. Most people born on this day are extremely affectionate and caring people.


Work and Finances

Work is important to a you and you take your responsibilities seriously. Your career path choices are often influenced by family members and usually decided early on in your life. You will have a sensible attitude towards finances and should find saving quite easy. You desire success in your working life but are not particularly motivated by financial reward. You are more inclined to choose your profession for its purpose and the degree of personal job satisfaction you receive rather than its remuneration.


Personal Relationships

For a Capricorn, you are atypically enthusiastic and warm regarding matters of the heart. Despite this however, emotionally you are tentative and can have difficulty fully expressing your feelings until you know somebody really well. You are often very generous with your emotions towards friends and family, but in soul mate relationships you can sometimes be accused of being slightly controlling and more commonly, overly possessive.

Your partners need to be understanding of your insecurities and indeed supportive of your highly ambitious streak. You often find it hard to commit to solid partnerships but do realise that without that someone special to distract you, there is a threat that you will turn into a workaholic. Once you make a long term commitment with somebody special, you will begin to relax and your passionate and romantic sides emerge.


Your health problems are generally associated with you not getting enough exercise. You are not a very sporty person but it is important that you understand participation in a regular routine of physical activity to invest in your health. Being a person who enjoys their food greatly, you need to keep a healthy body composition and keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Given your ability to reflect on your life and current issues when alone, and the requirement to stay in good health, frequent walks alone are highly useful to you. You have a lazy side to your personality and an unhealthy tendency to overindulge in sweet foods. You should also avoid the overconsumption of alcohol.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main character strengths are that you are highly competent, organised and responsible. It is these qualities that will always help you progress in life. These specific characteristics along with your happy calmness enable you to be flexible, reliable and versatile in all areas of your life. Personality weaknesses for you are that you can be unnecessarily over-sensitive and allow too much stress, negativity and insecurities to work their way into your life.

You need to share your emotions more often, and be less serious occasionally when the circumstances allow. Try not to keep things bottled up inside as these will only fester and get worse, spilling into other areas of your life unnecessarily.


Dreams and Goals

Most people who are born on the 1st of January know from a young age exactly what they want to be and what they want to do in life. Early decisions like this usually secure your wishes and goals for future preferences and probable preferred directions. You are inclined to work with a great determination to achieve your goals and even though you don’t like to wait for anything you will are prepared to be patient to reach these goals. Your main priorities are to strive towards emotional and financial security and you usually acquire it quite easily with your high level of perseverance and motivation.

Birthday Luck and Significance

Being born on the first day of the month means that your birthdays root number is one. The meaning for this reference to your birthday is ‘Drive’ and this highlights your strength of mind along with your character to accomplish things. The Tarot card associated with your birthday in the Major Arcana, is the Magician. This card symbolises the need for more flexibility in your character in order to fully utilise your best talents. The lucky gemstone for your birthday is the Ruby. The ruby is believed to bring happiness and wealth to its wearer and increase the power of the Sun.


Capricorns are astrologically influenced by the planet Saturn. The actual day that you were born, is governed by the Sun so these two planetary influences help form the basis of your unique set of personality traits and ways of thinking. Your hesitant yet resolute nature gives you great judgement whilst your reliability and loyalty will gains you many friends. If you can overcome your tendency to be over anxious and you are prepared to give love a chance there is no limit to what you will actualise.

A final thought for people born on th 1st of January is that ‘It takes two to tango’ and so now and then you will discover that you do indeed, need the help of others.