2nd of January Birthday Horoscope

2nd of January Birthday Horoscope


If you were born on the 2nd of January your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

Birthday Persona Profile

People born on the 2nd of January are quite easygoing and flexible people given that they are a Capricorn.

You still have the typical resolute characteristics that Capricorns usually have, but have a generous helping of cooperative spirit. Your ruling astrological planet is the Moon. This combination creates personalities that are often highly motivated towards success but are also more willing to accept help from others when and where needed. You are competitive but fair and prefer to partake in joint ventures rather than doing them alone.

You present yourself to the world as an intelligent, determined hard worker with a sense of justice. Inside you suffer from some minor insecurities that you often try to hide. On occasion, you tend to take on too much and you need to learn to pace yourself. Those born on the 2nd of January are also great mediators and often have a creative streak with a love of art and music.


Work and Finances

When deciding your career path you will often opt for a job with high pay. You will enjoy work that involves many mental challenges. Once you find your occupation that stimulates a sense of achievement you will be at your happiest. You will have a great skill in handling your money however you can also be a bit ruthless with them too. Maturity and experiences will the only real ways you learn how to better manage your money to suit your circumstances at any given stage in your life.


Personal Relationships

You are a rather sociable person for a Capricorn as being born on the second day of January means that you benefit greatly from interaction with others. You are not happy spending time alone and will seek out and make lots of friends, but romantic attachments seem to be not especially important to you until later in life. When you do choose a partner you will look for someone that shares the same goals and who arouses your intellectual as well as physical interest. You have high standards for everything and soul mate relationships are no exception so you can be difficult to please. However once committed to a partnership the imaginative part of your personality will surface. An ideal personal relationship will enlighten you to be a touch less serious and discover there is so much more to life than just working.


Those who are born on 2nd of January should take extra care to ensure they take regular breaks from their routine. You usually like to stay fit and at times get plenty of exercise but often can become lethargic when you are unhappy in an area of your life. This can be detrimental to your health and you must observe this if it starts to happen. Seeing as you have a tendency to keep your problems to yourself and bottle them up, causing more harm than good, they will cause ill health if you do not find a release for these emotions, more so than others. You also need to take extra care of your hair, bones and teeth as these can often be weak spots in your otherwise healthy constitution. You must also be careful also to not be tempted into following the latest fad diets. Instead, use proper and well established information from sites such as www.lifestylebodies.org or www.livestrong.com and other well known and researched websites.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Thoughtfulness, responsibility and a dedicated attitude are your main strengths of character in whatever you are saying or doing. These qualities and your desire for fairness make you an excellent co-worker, friend and committed partner and they equip you with excellent parenting abilities.

Your weaknesses include a liability to be self inhibiting for no good reason and you can sometimes be over demanding. You could certainly benefit from more inner confidence and to give yourself a bit more freedom from responsibility now and then. Making time to relax and have some fun is crucial.


Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 2nd of January, you will most likely have a big list of goals you wish to achieve. While most of these goals are likely to be committed to memory you will find benefit in making notes of your plans so that you can refer to them and keep yourself motivated. The only thing that often stands in your way of accomplishing your goals is your unnecessary fear of failure.

Once you learn to face this barrier and overcome it you will be able to make significant progress. The people you meet and get to know well in your adult life are more often than not, very influential in encouraging you to defeat your unnecessary pessimism and to follow your goals and dreams.


Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the 2nd of January, your date of birth has a Root number of Two. This numerical association with your birthday gives you the keyword ‘Harmony’ and means that your need for balance in the main areas of your life is crucial. The tarot card connected to this day is the 2nd card in the Major Arcana the High Priestess Card. This card symbolises your gift of a heightened intuition. This tends to make you very cautious and also your occasional apathy when you are feeling negative. Your lucky gemstone is the Pearl and. Wearing pearls can generate a boost of positive energies.



Capricorns are astrologically ruled and influenced by the planet Saturn and the 2nd of January is governed by the Moon. It is these two planetary influences that combine forces in making up your unique behavioural, personality and emotional traits. Your easily persuaded nature allows you to mix and communicate well with others in all areas of life and can allow you to be a popular person in work and socially.

A final note for people born on the 2nd of January, is to remember that whatever difficulties you will encounter in you life, are often a result of your own perception. If you can overcome your fear of failure you have a much greater chance of being emotionally satisfied and highly successful in your life.