Five Card Cross Spread

1. Choose a purpose for this spread

Choose a topic relevant to your question, see which order the cards are placed and read the legend to understand what each card represents.

2. Focus on your question

Choose a topic relevant to your question, see which order the cards are place and understand what each card represent.

3. Interpretation

Click again on the cards to reveal its meaning. Along with the legend of your chosen topic, the cards meaning and your intuition, interprete the cards accordingly.

General Reading

5 card cross tarot spreadCard 1 – Present

Card 2 – Past

Card 3 – Future

Card 4 – Reason

Card 5 – Potential


Finding New Love

Card 1 – My Readiness

Card 2 – Their Characteristics

Card 3 – The Meeting

Card 4 – Relationship Characteristics

Card 5 – Relationship Potential


Four Of Pentacles

You are likely to be holding onto something when the Four of Pentacles turns up.

Usually due to the fear of letting go, you are holding on to something unnecessarily.

This card is a reminder to analyze your current situation and identify what and more importantly, why you are so scared of losing something specific.

The message is that you don’t have anything to worry about, and that you may be creating fear for no reason.

Knight Of Wands

The Knight of Wands is a charming character who brings with him a sense of urgency.

As a fire sign, he often rushes straight into things. Is it possible you have rushed into something quickly or been taken by complete surprise?

There is a lesson here, that things that come quickly can also go quickly, and the Knight is known to wander.

In love it would be wise to be careful with your heart, and in business, you should keep a close eye on your finances and secrets.

King Of Cups – Reversed

The reversed King of Cups is a good card to receive, however, it is a reminder that this isn’t a time to take unnecessary risks.

You need to identify what you want, and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone to get it.

Tempers could indeed flare, and whatever the current situation, it is going to need a careful approach so that you can get to the bottom of any issues, and learn the lessons gleaned from the outcomes.

Five Of Swords

The Five of Swords shows the end of a battle, resulting in injury and although won, is nothing to celebrate about.

This card is closely associated with drama and hurtful messages given and received during the course of the situation.

Sometimes you may win a battle, but the victory leaves a bad taste in your mouth and was probably not even a battle worth fighting.

The message here is to be true in your endeavors and to pick your battles carefully, for many are not worth the pain they inflict.

Five Of Wands

The heat is on when the Five of Wands shows up. There’s certainly some competition in the air. While you may not be aware of it, the object of your desires may have someone else who is also interested in them.

Such triangles happen often. You will need to be very careful when trying to outdo the other person. Indeed, your ultimate goal of a connection may be worth the time, however, if you don’t play fair you’ll set yourself up for a disaster.

Be sure to act with honesty and integrity and never try to put your competition down (don’t ever do this in life in general). If the one you’re interested in is worth your efforts, then it’s important that they see you for who you truly are. Let your authenticity shine, and let them make up their own mind.

You shouldn’t have to chase somebody just because you desire a connection with them, and when the Five of Wands turns up, it’s probably best that you don’t!

The Hierophant – Reversed

The Reversed Hierophant is a warning to use caution. There is something not quite right here and this may not turn out the way you are hoping.

There is confusion and possibly mind games going on, and these need to be overcome in order to move forward.

You are going to have to look closely into this connection and realise that is is probably not the one you are looking for.

More about The Hierophant

Three Of Cups

The Three of Cups is a celebration card. When you see this card, you can generally expect a celebration or special occasion. Many people consider this card to represent a date.

It can also symbolize a wedding or similar occasion. There is a high chance that this occasion will feature at least several women, as this is a very feminine card.

The card also means that good times are ahead and there are causes for celebration going forward, regardless of the situation at hand.

Two Of Cups

This card represents a pair in love and shows the characters celebrating their connection with each other.

Both parties bring true, unconditional love that has no hidden agendas. While this card makes a common appearance in love readings, it can also show when questioning business matters.

Whether or not it is a partner in love or in business, this card represents that your life has, or will shortly have somebody who is an excellent partner to have by your side.

Six Of Swords

Physical or spiritual travel is present here. Aside from some potential travel for work or a vacation, this card also symbolizes the moving on of a problem in your life.

You have let possibly let go of something bothering you for a long time, and have offered forgiveness, either internally or externally.

The six swords in this image represent a wall of protection that you have created for yourself, though. While forgiven, you have not forgotten, and will take these lessons with you on your journey.

The Six of Swords reminds us that in sorrow and grief, courage and inner strength always prevail.

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How to better interpret the cards?

The best way to interpret the cards is to look at them as a whole and try to understand how they are connected. It is also important to remember that tarot cards are not set in stone, so it is up to you to interpret their meaning and make decisions based on what you feel is suitable for your situation. Additionally, it can be helpful to read up on the different meanings of each card and how you can interpret them in different contexts. This will help you better understand the cards and their potential purposes.
When making decisions, always follow your intuition first and foremost over your logical analysis. Using emotions and logic will help ensure that you make wise choices for yourself and the relationship based on the guidance provided by these powerful cards.

About 5 Cards Cross Spread

What is a 5 Card Cross Tarot Spread?

The five cards cross spread is an advanced tarot spread that yields intricate and insightful readings when done accurately. It has three overlapping rows and columns with various cards positioned on each row and column, providing much detail around the question asked.

The goal of a five card cross spread is to uncover deeper insights than could be obtained with a one-card or three-card reading. This tarot reading is not only considered to be more complex, but it also provides a greater answer than those given using other spreads.

What types of questions are best suited to the 5 Cards Cross Tarot Spread?

When performing a Cross Spread tarot reading, you will have an opportunity to ask questions that pertain to any area of life that interests you; relationships, finances, career, mental health and spiritual growth are just some examples. Consider your query as specific as possible – try avoiding overly broad questions such as “How can I make 2020 better?”

Attempting to narrow down your focus will help you get more targeted answers from the reading. Simplify your line of inquiry and break it down into chunks that can be addressed individually via the five-card spread. For instance, instead of asking “Should I change my job?” consider ” what should I keep in mind when evaluating my next job?”.

Questions for a cross spread tarot should be asked in an open-ended way so that they invite intuition rather than offering assumptions as validation or justification. This will enable you to draw insight not only into the circumstances surrounding your query but also into personal growth opportunities that may be present within it. Allowing yourself room for creativity in your inquiry encourages exploration and discovery beyond standard readings.

Try Experimenting with Other Tarot Spreads

If one tarot spread is not enough to answer your questions or provide insight into some issues, consider experimenting with other spreads until something clicks into place.

For example, the Celtic Cross spread is popular for gaining insight into a particular situation or problem. This spread consists of 10 cards and can provide an in-depth look at past, present, and future influences affecting your life. Additionally, it can help you gain clarity on any decisions you may need to make or actions you should take to move forward.