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At Lotus Tarot, we offer Free Online Tarot Reading as we understand that not everyone can afford professionals reading. We aim to provide the best experience for our visitors without asking for your personal information.


Unlock the Secrets of Your Future with Expert Tarot Readings!


Tarot Reading

You want a more detailed or personalized reading to your specific questions?

Get In-Depth Insights into Your Relationships, Career, and Finances

& Find Clarity and Empowerment with Our Personalized Tarot Readings.

Yes No Question Reading

Do you have a single burning question on your mind that needs to be answered? Here is a quick YES or NO answer to your burning, urgent question.

Three Questions Reading

 Are you finding yourself in a difficult situation where you feel lost and confused? This reading helps you look into the situation, giving advices, guidance and the potential outcome. 

In Depth Love Reading

 Love is a never ending puzzle. Does he likes me back? Will this work out? Is she right for me? This in depth love reading offer you insights into your love life and answer any possible questions you may have regarding it. 

Why trust our Tarot Reading?

Gifted Readers

We have carefully selected the most experienced intuitive readers with an average of 15+ years of Tarot reading experience.

Affordable prices

We understand that not everyone has a budget for a Tarot reading, that is why we aim to provide the most affordable & accurate service.

Insightful Answers

Get a detailed reading back, 100% honesty without sugarcoat. We take the time to give you the insights you need.

Tarot Ressources

Mistakes New Age Tarot

Mistakes New Age Tarot

Some mistakes of New age Tarot   Walking angelic paths certainly leads you to prosperity. Angel readings provide solutions to people who want to seek guidance in the direction which their live is moving towards. Angel cards can offer exceptional insights into...

Love Tarot Explained

Love Tarot Explained

Love Tarot Explained Should you use a Fortune Teller Online? Those who are familiar with love tarot readings comprehend that the sun card is a sign of happiness, fulfilment and joy. Its appearance seeks to remind us of the fact that the inner confidence in you in just...

Love Tarot Reading

Love Tarot Reading

Love Tarot Reading Love and relationships is the biggest worry for many people all over the world. Seeking love is one thing but when it’s found, it normally doesn’t provide the smooth journey and pleasantries which many people would expect. This is why a love tarot...

Tips Angel Readings

Tips Angel Readings

Tips for Angel Readings Some tips to help you take advantage of Angel Readings Walking angelic paths certainly leads you to prosperity. Angel readings provide solutions to people who want to seek guidance in the direction which their life is moving towards. Angel...

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling Different Methods, and How They Work Do you grapple with sleepless nights because you don’t know how your day will turn out? Are you scared about losing your job in the near future, or even failing an exam? Well, fortune telling is all about telling...