The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot Card

Astrological Sign: Capricorn.

Positive associations: commitment, permanence

Negative associations: tyranny, obsession, entrapment, greed, lust, ignorance, anger

The Devil Tarot Card is not entirely bad. If a marriage or commitment to a relationship is under consideration, if this card falls in a favorable position, The Devil is a good omen.

With almost all other issues however, this card is not a very positive one at all! The Devil Tarot Card symbolizes temptation, lust of the flesh and an unhealthy addiction which will never lead to favorable outcomes.

In regards to relationships, this card can warn against obsession or people that are no good for us. It is a stark reminder to examine your situation carefully.

The Devil Tarot Card stands for a warning against the destructive consequences of your actions. The actions specifically being lust, power and motivated by greed.

More positively however, the Devil can be a sign that you are gaining control, or at least awareness of your weaknesses or addictions.

You must always consider your motives and current intentions when The Devil Tarot Card appears. The card is a helpful indicator for you to change your course while you still can. As always, ensure you speak more in depth with your reader about this card if it appears in your reading.

The Devil Tarot card is the 15th trump card from the Major Arcana. It consists of the big concepts of life which are death, love, change of self being, intuitions, life journeys, rebirth and authority. They are the major themes of ones life, the big alterations one can go through as well as the spiritual belief that has constituted the universe. They can be seen as ones inner soul journey towards illuminations. The number that depicts the devil is 6 and the symbols are the star and angel. The stars are associated with loyalty, spirituality and holiness. Angels are the representation of messengers of God in the Hebrew Bible, the Quran and the New Testament. The roles of an angel include carrying out Gods task like protecting humanity from evil and guiding them to the right path. The appearance of the card shows a satyr which is half men and half goat.

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Why The Devils Tarot Is One Of The Most Difficult Cards To Interpret?

The Devil Tarot is not as frightening as the name suggests. The true interpretation of the card is that it is a card of indulgence and material pleasure. It represents bondage which is symbolic and that bondage can be dangerous to your health or well-being but in all it may satisfy your needs. For example when this card appears there is something that you do feels good, but it is not good for your health or well-being. In this situation it comes on the person how he/she tackles the situation. Like if one should have another glass of beer, buy expensive items to please themselves, or sleep with someone causing a tricky situation as one always chooses what is easy and what pleases themselves.

You may be ignoring your higher self and be disconnected from your spiritual desires. In some way you are trying to withhold your inner needs and in a way deceiving yourself. It shows up when one is actually in need of a little fun and wants to break free from the rules that have been set up by themselves. Hope is something that one should not loose in such a situation and choose the right task. Here comes where influence should not be given more importance while choosing the right solution. If the task might not harm the future sometimes it is OK to live life in the moment that’s when the devil tarot appears.

The Upright Position

The card signifies the negativity of hidden forces can pressurize or trick one into thinking that they are confined by external forces that are out of one’s control. It actually represents the inner feeling of oneself which can be their fears, additions and other harmful instincts. It creates an impression that he is the master of trickery and one can easily get attracted towards it. But it is on the individual how he/she can resist the temptation and choose the right decisions as they are free to choose what is good for them.

If you withdraw the devil card then one needs to analyze their life and check what that makes them feel stuck. It can be in career, love or other random decisions. As he is the master of trickery one can be tricked into imagining or feeling that they are imprisoned in their own formed situations or circumstances and are actually controlled by something superficial forces. There may be time when hope is lost and negativity will become the major part of one’s life that it actually seems that everything is out of control. Fear starts making the main part of one’s life making the person so devastated that he/she wills stop searching for any positivity.

There will be a point where the inner emotions will take over and just to live few moments of freedom one may choose something which otherwise would be controlled by the nature or might not be right as per the rules that has been set by an individual. They may not be able to tackle and see if these set rules are good or bad. At a point there will be only desperation to break free these rules which were set for miscellaneous reasons. You would want to experience the freedom of the fool but would feel helpless. At this point one should search for hope and positivity to actually fight this evil.

It is nothing but the reflections of many addictions that becomes a dependency of one’s life style. It can be smoking, spending, alcoholism, or maybe philander. It basically the inner conscience of oneself which may think one particular habit is right but it may not be true from other person’s perspective. There is a very thin line where one needs to decide as an individual what can be wrong or right as to see there is nothing that a dictionary can define as wrong or right. It only appears in holy books of different nature which one may or one may not believe. Analyzing what can be a good long term commitment at this stage is very essential.

It is an obsession rather that a requirement. It is a feeling of being bond and a feeling of letting oneself free even though the situation might not be true. It is a feeling where the soul feels bond by external forces that can otherwise be avoided. Remember many a times some habits do not damage the soul like smoking but it damages the body which one day needs to return to dust. This is when the devil card plays a crucial role and the decision becomes very difficult. It wants the fellow to possess what might just be a material satisfaction and will give himself a different kind of importance of being free from the clutches of the routine life.

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The Reversed Position

When such a card is upside down then one surely needs to recheck the way his lifestyle is progressing on a daily basis. It may be an indication that he/she is stuck in an awful situation where his/her job is a challenge or his/her health is a question and so on. He/she maybe trapped in a situation which needs to be given immediate attention to avoid damage to their future. This may not always be too easy to accept. It is a challenge but in positive way which will be beneficial in the long term and this challenge needs to be tackled in a different manner so as the future is not affected. Taking a positive path to avoid destruction usually becomes a serious challenge.

It is an indication of being born again with pure intentions where you can actually extract the evil part from your life and move towards more positivity. This can be as simple as wanting to change your habits towards your partner or maybe stop watching television to avoid harmful effect on your visual sight. Or it can be very complex like taking a new job at a new location or ending a relationship which might not be beneficial in the long term. This is far challenging than being tempted as this is situational and you are already are a victim to the situation. One is already trapped by the temptation and it is now time to break free that temptation and lead a different life.

It is more like adapting the Buddhist principle of detachment. It refers to being pure. In this technique one needs to get detached from certain things, behavior, or people as a whole to get grip on one’s life to have a secured and better future. If there is not attraction or temptation with the worldly things then that person is the happiest person and can actually attain a lot of things in life. Remember this means that you detach from the negativity without harming the positive surroundings. It does not mean that one should stop thinking or feeling about the people they care for but yes, it means that one should stop trying to please these people by achieving any harmful methods. For example it can be cheating on some job to earn extra money to buy diamonds for his/her partner or to secure a better future for their children. It can be anything that may ask one to indulge into wrong practices to fulfill their needs.

So when can one expect this card? One may see this card when he/she is going through the toughest time in their lifetime. When they feel that they are attached to things that cannot be detached from. It is like a test where your ability of adaptation is tested. It’s like Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” but this theory needs to be acquired not by deceiving anyone but by struggle and by choosing the right path. It is very difficult but not impossible if the right instincts of you follow the positive instincts of your soul. When one see this card you should try all the possible combinations to reach the solutions.

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