Anyone Know about Tarot Cards and Horoscopes?


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I am a very confused last few month tarot card really tells the future? because one of my friends is trust in astrology and card reading. If anyone has knowledge about tarot so let us discuss.

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They can be depending on the diviner
The best and only astrology in my opinion is Vedic
The average western astrology is hopelessly in accurate


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I truly believe in tarot and runes, but the result always depends on the diviner and the will to hear what the universe has to say. Also, I think the consultant needs to be clear about the question itself. I, for example, do readings that are more focused in counseling and clearing the mind of the other person. Events, I dont discuss it much, it have to be a huge thing to state it. But not my thing. Cards can give useful lights in our experience in this world, and at the end, the future is not set in stone.