Hi to all


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Hi all. Reader and Healer at heart inserting introduction here.

I love to write and am musically aware. I hear, see & feel spirit as well as listening to my intuition though I am equally not keen on labels but it does help define what work I do. I also will tend to rely on CERT for structure in a Spirit message or a reading and for asking Spirit as a two way communication for what is wishing to be heard at the time of open link & connection. I DO NOT Do love readings as I've NEVER been in love before and feel this would impact any relationship reading of the kind. Please respect this as my initial understanding of relationship readings.

I also work with angels and higher beings as well as when drawn to use tools to complete psychic readings as well as spiritual reads. I can also crystal heal helping others by sending positive healing out to people via the crystal consciousness and planetary energies too.

It is left up to the communicator connecting to what clair & senses- they use to connect so as to allow them room for learning as much as myself.

Future is not set in stone either and I don't predict at any time. Nor will I give future dates because the future is not set in stone, life path is changing constantly according to own decisions. I will ask sitter first if ok to connect, to give them choice if they wish to receive guidance from me or not. If not, I will let messages go in peace.

I prefer to work with knowing next to nothing about the sitter because then it gives room for development on the link and working with the communicator & the connection.

If you want to leave a request on here and if you want to leave feedback on here,
then by all means, feel free to do so..

Thank you for the opportunity to work.