Queen of cups and king of wands combination


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Hi, so sorry for late reply, have been in hospital but I am OK now and can finally get to promoting the forum again!

Having Kings and Queens together can indicate a like-minded, and more than usual equal union. Wands and cups however, can be enemies that weaken each other (given that wands and cups are fire and water respectively).


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Interesting combination...the King is confident in his decisions and actions (fire) and the Queen is highly trusting in her intuition and her feelings (water) - together they suggest trust in yourself and have the confidence you are choosing the right path.

The King also speaks to me of traditions and/or being traditional while the Queen would work well in nurturing and helping to develop eachother

They then together they remind me to remember to make compromised - not just go along with each others path to make each other happy

*interpretation not related to a deck or a spread