Radical changes.


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Good night. These days I decided to pull a card regarding the idea of emigrating to another country. So it represents a really radical change. I have been thinking about Japan. Totally opposite to where I live now. I Got the Tower, although I didnt get the ominous feeling this card usually gives. So I pulled another one to clarify, and I got The Magician. I know The Magician is the trickster, but also he is the Man who is in contact with all elements and can work any situation to solve it. I think this combo really represents a fundamental change of direction in every sense, but I think opinions would be fantastic. I think we can get more of the cards by really thinking about them. Also because is a decision that I am thinking seriously about, its scary to leave everything known. I am preparing for it, learning the language, etc. Well, I hope I can get some other opinions about the cards, since its always the bad side about the tower...