Spiritual Development

zebra black

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While out of social decency and civility I respect the right of others to have what ever religion they may choose; it remains my experience that religion should not be construed as spirituality.
I see religion as a conceptual structure and essentially external social engineering, cultural metaphores, lore and tribal iterations, not to be confused with inner spiritual work
I see the divine as non denominational and a unified field of conciousness.
Every body speaks of prayer as a spiritual path, but thats a one way communication. The secret is to learn the art of listening. The message of the divine is universal, beyond human concepts, cultures and human language yet completely understandable, and when it touches you; you're never the same in the best of all possible ways. The divine matrix is within you and the true and only temple of the divine is your body and the conciousness that lies with in beyond thought.
I can be an agent of spiritual development. Feel free to contact me.