The mysterious intense connection with a friend


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I am absolutely new in this forum, and I hope I am not breaking any rules by sharing my problem.

I have met this friend in my childhood days. We had a very pleasant time at first, the best part of my life, then I started playing mental games and it turned sour. That person never insulted me and was always good to me. I was the rotten one, unsure of that person's love and unsure of my own personal sexual orientation, I insulted that person a lot outwardly.

After 3 years, I moved to another school and never communicated with that person again. It was back in 2000. Over the course of the last 20 years, I have dreamed of that person frequently .. almost thrice a week on average. I have had many other romantic affairs in between, but though the dreams lessened at limes, it never stopped. And there are further unexplainable things. I added that person some time ago on FB after 19 years. The person. now behaves very strangely. There has been more than one occurrences when I dreamed of the person roundabout the same time that person checked my FB messages.

What to make of it? Twin flame, near twin flame or soul mates? And what to do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I can provide both of our dob s.