Three Card Spread

1. Choose a purpose for this spread

Choose a topic relevant to your question and read the legend to understand what each card represents.

2. Focus on your question

Clear your head and close your eyes, focus on your question. Then click on the cards starting from left to right to reveal your cards.


3. Interpretation

Click again on the cards to reveal its meaning. Along with the legend of your chosen topic, the cards meaning and your intuition, interprete the cards accordingly.

Past | Present | Future

Card 1 – The Past

The card that represents the past is meant to show us how the events of our lives may have led up to where we are now. Take some time to think about what this card is trying to tell you about how you got here, and consider if there’s anything from your past that might be hurting or helping your current situation.

Card 2 – The Present

The present card usually gives us more information than just what’s happening here and now. This card will offer insights into various aspects of ourselves that need attention, such as our strengths and weaknesses, emotional ties to certain situations or even intuitive guidance on decisions we should make moving forward.

Card 3 – The Future

This card is considered one of the most important of all – it provides glimpses at our potential future. A word of caution when looking at this reading – remember that our future is not set in stone, so take any messages with a grain of salt and use them as an indication of possible thought paths as we advance rather than understanding them as prophecies.

You | The other person | The relationship

Card 1 – Your Perspective

The first card will focus on your perspective of the situation; it is referred to as “yourself” when doing a three-card draw. This card helps guide where you are emotionally in terms of how you feel about the situation–it reveals what changes need to be made from your viewpoint for harmony to occur. The card can also uncover issues around trust, communication, and balance within the relationship. It suggests ways to compromise or improve your emotional state within the partnership.

Card 2 – Other Person’s Perspective

The second card will provide insight into how your partner perceives things, allowing for more understanding between both parties and offering an opportunity for growth and learning. This card is often referred to as “the other” because it shines a light on someone else’s mindset or feelings towards the problem at hand–it acts as an eye-opener into where they are with regards to their part in any argument or issue that may be stirring discord between yourselves.

Card 3 – Relationship Outcome

The final card will represent all three positions combined, it indicates how two meeting halfway and communicating better may bring all parties closer together while providing a resolution that everyone is happy with. It speaks volumes about potential outcomes, illuminating which direction is best taken while avoiding potential hardships along the way.

The Lovers

The lovers card is directly connected to the Zodiac sign, Gemini. It represents harmony and peace. The two lovers in the card mean that there are some choices currently being made. If this card appears in your reading, it is likely that there are some decisions happening or about to take place in a close relationship of yours.

You may also find that this relates to your career for example, where you have been relocated to an area that you love and one that brings you joy and harmony with your surroundings.

Unfortunately, it can also mean that you are torn between your career and your love, being able to only progress one to perfection and having to make the decision to leave the other behind.

The main message in this card, is to follow your heart.

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The Hermit

This is a very spiritual card indeed. It indicates that the future of this relationship could be very healthy, but the Hermit is cautioning you not to rush into anything.

Your mind is a strong and powerful thing, and it is too easy for you to jump to conclusions, especially if you’ve been alone for some time and are longing to be in a loving and safe relationship.

You need your rest and relaxation, and time to yourself in order to properly gauge the situation. If this relationship truly is destined to be a long-lasting one, it will wait for you to see it.

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The Hierophant – Reversed

The Reversed Hierophant is a warning to use caution. There is something not quite right here and this may not turn out the way you are hoping.

There is confusion and possibly mind games going on, and these need to be overcome in order to move forward.

You are going to have to look closely into this connection and realise that is is probably not the one you are looking for.

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How to better interpret the cards?

The best way to interpret the cards is to look at them as a whole and try to understand how they are connected. It is also important to remember that tarot cards are not set in stone, so it is up to you to interpret their meaning and make decisions based on what you feel is suitable for your situation. Additionally, it can be helpful to read up on the different meanings of each card and how you can interpret them in different contexts. This will help you better understand the cards and their potential purposes.
When making decisions, always follow your intuition first and foremost over your logical analysis. Using emotions and logic will help ensure that you make wise choices for yourself and the relationship based on the guidance provided by these powerful cards.

About Three Cards Spread

What is a Three Cards Tarot Spread?

The Three Card Tarot Spread is one of the most popular tarot spreads due to its simplicity – making it easy for novice readers to learn and use. It consists of three cards read from left to right, each representing a different aspect that affects the outcome.

What types of questions are best suited to the Three Cards Tarot Spread?

The Three Card Tarot Spread is great for obtaining answers to more complex questions such as relationship issues, career opportunities, family dynamics and more because it focuses on past, present and future trends all at once instead of just one time period. It also works well when seeking advice during challenging times because the cards provide a more comprehensive set of information that helps lift you out of any dilemma you may find yourself in – so that you can start viewing unfolding events from different perspectives.

Try Experimenting with Other Tarot Spreads

If one tarot spread is not enough to answer your questions or provide insight into some issues, consider experimenting with other spreads until something clicks into place. For example, the Celtic Cross spread is popular for gaining insight into a particular situation or problem. This spread consists of 10 cards and can provide an in-depth look at past, present, and future influences affecting your life. Additionally, it can help you gain clarity on any decisions you may need to make or actions you should take to move forward.

Three Cards Spread Tarot