The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers Tarot Card

Astrological Sign: Gemini.

Positive associations: desire, new lover, love, sex, commitment, physical attraction, relationships

Negative associations: temptation, indecision, failed love affair, emotional loss, lust, moral lapse, separation

The Lovers Tarot Card can symbolize that a new love will soon enter your life. Most people cannot see where from but you can be sure you’re in for a surprise.

This card also symbolizes an important choice that could quite possibly affect the rest of your life so do not take the appearance of this card lightly and discuss it at length with your reader.

The Lovers Tarot Card often symbolizes a choice between duty versus your heart’s desire. You can see it as confirmation take a risk as it could lead to greater happiness and emotional fulfillment. It is a great reminder that doing the same things everyday will cause life to remain the same.

This card can also means that your heart rules over your head. A dramatic change of attitude will always lead to happier times.

Negatively, The Lovers Tarot Card can represent an unhappy love affair or relationship and will often confirm that you are unsure what decision or choice to make about this problem in your love life.

Another negative aspect of this card is that often represents intense temptation. A warning of being unfaithful to your own morals should be noted here.

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Overview – The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot is a key part of tarot readings that have been used by a substantial number of different people who have expressed interest in all sorts of different concepts on how the world of romance is to follow. This is the sixth Major Arcana card that is used in many tarot decks.

Also known as a trump card, the Lovers Tarot card is one that focuses on a good part of the path to being self-aware of who you are. This includes a full analysis of how different lessons are to be followed and what they can teach people in the long run.

The Lovers Tarot card is often designed with an image that is reflective of love in general. This includes the concept of the union that can be held between a man and woman. Specifically, an image of Adam and Eve from the Christian Bible can be found on a majority of Lovers Tarot cards.

This is used as a means of helping people to meditate on the conceit of love and what it means as well as what people must do for love and the sins that may come about in the event that one does not follow through with the many rules that come with love.

Some argue that the card, like all the other trump cards in a tarot deck, will be rather reflective of the archetypes that Carl Jung has developed over the years. These are archetypes that are reflective of the human nature that people possess these days. It entails the inspirations that come with trying to make decisions and change one’s life in some way.

It is believed that by taking the steps that are illustrated in a tarot reading, that people will be more likely to achieve enlightenment.

Why The Card Is Important

Naturally, the Lovers Tarot card is one that will help to show what one is going to have to do in order to succeed in one’s path to enlightenment. Many people will feel that the card is one that suggests that a person needs a mate to be with for the rest of one’s life. This is a rather special type of card that can mean so much from an emotional and personal standpoint.

The key concept of the card is that it is representative of relationships and the choices that one makes in them. In some cases a person might have to make a choice as to what can be done in a current relationship or to potentially choose a partner that will be suitable for one’s life. Sometimes the card may also mean that one is being subjected to some form of temptation to make it harder for one’s life to be maintained and kept in check as well as one might hope.

A Sense Of Sacrifice

One concept of the Lovers Tarot is that it is a sign of sacrifice. That is, a person might have to sacrifice one suitor in favor of another. Also, a person might sacrifice one’s status as a bachelor in order to get into a long-term relationship. Either way, it is a part of tarot that is very important for people to consider.

A person who is going through such a card readout must take it very seriously as failing to do this can cause in that person losing one’s positive connections or by impacting the lives of others in the long run. The effects of choosing one person over another according to a readout will last for generations and must therefore be considered very seriously.

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Upright Lovers Card

The Lovers Tarot may be seen in an upright form. This is symbolic of the love between two people and the union that they have arranged with each other. This includes a look at the relationships that they have established, how their values are aligned and the choices that they want to make in their lives. The card can really mean a sense of understanding and hope for all to explore with regards to managing different types of relationships and attitudes with regards to how those relationships are to be run.

The upright position is reflective of the positive nature of what may happen in one’s life. This is a unique consideration that might be unique and special for all to explore based on what is around in some way. It is a good consideration about life that needs to be identified and explored based on what one comes across during any particular reading.

Reversed Lovers Card

If the Lovers Tarot is in a reversed position then it means that there are some inside conflicts that may be going along in one’s life. This may show that there is a sense of imbalance in one’s body and mind. This can come from a lack of values in one’s life and a general inability to manage those values as they come along.

This can be a real threat to anyone’s ability to handle a long term relationship unless it is managed as well as it is supposed to be. The Reversed position is a difficult sign but it is one that must be discovered in terms of how one’s ability to love is considered.

The Reversed position may also be a sign of some condition where disharmony is going along. That is, there is a sense of disharmony that may appear in a relationship or other instance in the event that the status quo is maintained and nothing changes in some form. This can be a real threat to anyone’s life and must be remedied in some way or form in order for the problem to keep from being any worse than what it might be like as it is.

Final Words

This part of the tarot deck is a crucial aspect that must be explored. The Lovers Tarot is a part that reflects the importance of a relationship and how it is to work. If this tarot card is drawn in some way or form then it must be reviewed with care to ensure that there is a real sense of harmony in one’s life. It is a fascinating point that is unique and special for all to explore in some way.

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