The Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Star Tarot Card

Astrological Sign: Aquarius.

Positive associations: wishes coming true, generosity, good health, spiritual awareness, hope, serenity

Negative associations: self-doubt, cynicism, pessimism, lack of trust

The Star Tarot Card is a welcome card bringing optimism and hope. This lovely card also brings insight into the future and more importantly, a renewal of faith. It is also said that this wonderful card is a signal you may be receiving some unexpected gifts too!

If you happen to be considering a new relationship or business venture, The Star Tarot Card is an excellent omen and should instill great faith and positivity in you.

This card also brings a message of good times for many things. These could range from things artistic through to educational ventures. It can also be a sign of good healthy, travel and most importantly, a spiritual awareness and development.

Negatively, this tarot card is a warning against the perils of self-doubt. This type of negativity is one that will often lead to lost opportunities so take note of this!

However the power of this tarot card, even with the small negative aspect it warns of, you can be certain to expect good luck. Even if you are cynical!

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Overview – The Star

The star tarot card has a picture of a naked woman kneeling with one knee on the ground while resting one hand on her other knee while the foot is in the water. The foot on the ground represents her good common sense and her practical abilities.

Her other foot that is in water represents the woman’s inner intuition, inner resources and listening to her inner voice. She holds two containers of water in her hands and can be seen watering the earth and watering the river as well. Watering the river represents her continuing the cycle of fertility while watering the earth represents the five senses as the water is seen flowing in five rivulets.

One large star and seven small stars shine brightly behind her this fully represents your chakras; it shows the need to cleanse your aura by opening up the chakras.

The stars all have eight points which is associated with the number 17. The number 17 comes up from adding 1+7, i.e. 1 big star plus 7 small stars which gives a total number 8. The number 8 represents strength and the quality one needs to accept personal faults and love yourself regardless.

A bird is seen perched on a tree; the bird represents the scared ibis of thought that is roosting in the tree which is your mind. Aquarius is the astrological sign of the star.

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The Star Upright

This card is considered very important for personal transformation and growth, you have to be open and welcoming to new ideas and growth in your whenever the star card appears in your readings. The card is known to bring renewed strength, restored hope and a sense of being truly blessed by the universe at this point in your life. You are filled with courage and fulfilment as and new found inspiration as you gradually prepare to enter a loving phase in your life.

At this point in your life you are mentally stable and have a deeper understanding of yourself and of other around you. Simply put the card gives a message of hope that a brighter and better future lies ahead of you but you must trust it is possible for you to achieve it.

The star card reveals that one has been through a lot of life’s challenges and has endured a difficult time but is ready to accept healing and transformation in an attempt to move on with life. This is a point in your life where revenge, bitterness and hatred have burned themselves out in your life and you have acquired a new found self assurance through contact with your inner self that resurfaced through the hard times. In need of quenching the thirst of wanting to move on with life, you can now easily forgive and forget painful memories and embrace new opportunities that may come your way.

The star tarot card motivates you to greater and more hopeful future, it beckons you take make significant changes that you would not have otherwise made in the past. By listening to your inner small voice, you should accomplish the desire to become more fulfilled in life as well as go in search of new inspiration. You now have a strong desire to find a purpose in life while transforming from the old person you once were to a new found being, you hope to be a better person in life and this card simply reveals that it is not all in vain and the desires of your heart will ultimately be met.

The star reading gives a feeling of self awareness about yourself that you had never noticed, it boosts your self esteem and you may achieve a goal that gives you lasting happiness and your reputation becomes enhanced. The star encourages one to have faith in themselves and learn to trust themselves more especially after going through a series of setbacks and negativity not so long ago in the past. It gives a sense of renewed hope and faith in you.

The card also shows a spirit of giving not only in terms of wealth but also happiness and sharing your new found hope and different perspective of life. It indicates the different levels of generosity that you have achieved and still be able to achieve in future.

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Reversed Star Card

The meaning of the star tarot card is opposite when the star tarot is reversed, in place of hope there is despair in place of faith there is depression and distortion. Negative thoughts are overwhelming you in place of encouragement and hope. You find yourself dwelling on all the negativity life has thrown your way instead of counting your blessings and moving on.

The negative environment may make you feel defeated and eventually succumb to depression and low self esteem. At this point in life it is important to have good mental stability to identify the reason behind all the negativity and feeling of hopelessness in your life. By doing so, you will be able to look for remedies that will help you move past these issues so that you are able to focus your attention on other important things in your life that deserve the attention.

The reversed star tarot reading also indicates lack of motivation in life and you gradually start feeling unattached to the things in life that once made you feel hopeful and inspired. Life seems overwhelming by the day to day routines that once made sense to you and gave you a self drive that gave your life purpose.

The simple components in your life such as work, hobbies and relationships that enriched you and gave and made you self fulfilled now feel distant and disengaged almost meaningless. This tarot card is particularly relevant when one wants to go on another career path; the career that you once loved so much now feels routine and boring. This card is often a sign that steers you on another path other than the normal comfort that you were once so well accustomed to.

The reversed star tarot acts as a sign of assurance that you are still on the right path and on a path intended for you. It can also sometimes indicate that you need to leave that path and take on yet another to be self enriched and self fulfilled as you once were. The card indicates feeling of negativity in your life but also contrary to the despair one should focus on the message of the tower reading (upright position of the star tarot card) where you need to learn on how to accept the setbacks but not dwell on them.

You need to realize that you needed the setbacks on your path to self realization so that you will not take the little things in life for granted. AS the tower message indicated personal transformation, believing that these setbacks were set on the path as a part of your transformation will help you not succumb to feelings of despair and hopelessness.

You need to believe that the universe is simply molding you to become a stronger and no doubt a better person by you going through a hard trial. At the end of the day your faith will be stronger and you will have more sound mind and awakening once the dust settles. The reverse card in most cases indicates a test of faith in your spiritual journey and how one will accept any negativity that is introduced at this point in life. Learning to accept trials and setbacks as part of life and as an opportunity to grow will in the end work on your advantage.

As the tower reading indicated a spirit of giving and generosity, sharing past experiences and struggles with others who are going through the same difficulty will be easy for you. Giving hope and encouragement to the helpless will be a way of you indulging in the spirit of generosity after having walked the same path before and made it through with a renewed spirit and a sense of purpose to life.

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Final Words

The star tarot card is an important card that generally gives hope to people who want to take a different path in their lives. It focuses on the innermost concerns of a human being the fears and general need for a transformation in life. The card acts as a sense of direction to people who are struggling to move on from struggles and traumatic experiences in their lives.

It shines a light on the right path that one intends to take at the same time also giving a clear indication on whether to stay on the current path or take a different path all together.

The card also indicates any sense of hopelessness in one’s life and gives a renewed form of hope. As indicated in the general overview, the card gives an awakening to all the five senses of a person as well as inner faith and the realization of inner strength and awareness.

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