Yes No Oracle

Lotus Tarot’s Yes No Oracle is our basic fortune telling card that you can use everyday to ask for an answer. Unlike other websites that request you type your question and then possibly save it, our Oracle just requires you close your eyes for a moment and think about your question. Once ready, open your eyes and click on the Yes No Oracle Card.

The Yes No Oracle is very handy and you can access it anytime from your mobile too for fast answers when you’re on the go. So close your eyes and think of your question. If you would like to ask another question, simply click on the card again to refresh the Oracle. Feel free to visit our new Free Love Tarot Reading for a three card spread instead.


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The “Yes No Oracle” Card

Click On The Lotus Card Below For Your Answer


Signs point to yes


The Yes No Oracle depends primarily on the fundamental principle of clairvoyant forces. You may find that you begin to develop intuitive abilities with little bit of effort and practice every day.


The Oracle tool may be used to develop any psychic forces you have and hone your intuition skill. Many find it useful to ask the yes no oracle anything from simple mundane to important questions that may be troubling them, in order to help gain calmness and clarity.

You can also Ask the Genie instead of the Oracle. Please see our list of Free Tarot Readings.

Do you fancy learning more about Tarot Cards? Simply go to Tarot Card Meanings and look for a card that sticks out to you after you have asked all of your questions.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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  1. Jenny

    This is pretty scary! Every time I ask the same question, it gives the same answer. If I change the question it get a different answer. Coincidence or truth, I will never know. Fun oracle nonetheless!

  2. Mary Coleman

    I’d love to know how to get a copy of this as it is great fun. I bookmarked it on my mobile for those tough times where I need an answer from something other than a person 🙂

  3. Heidi


  4. Cherise

    use this every morning 🙂 🙂

  5. Augustine

    Love it love it love it. Thanks for this neat little Oracle

  6. Deborah

    Please make more of these! Thanks for not making us type stuff in too.

  7. Jenna

    for real? spooky how it kind of suggests the answer I wish for!

  8. Raymond

    Great game, thanks!

  9. Sasa

    Hi, this is a nice tool, but I would like a love reading. Can you do them?

  10. Lotus Tarot

    Hiya. Yes! As fate would have it, we are launching our new 3 card tarot reading later this evening! Funny how things work out like that! Stay tuned and you will see the website update later on 🙂

  11. Diane

    Will I be happy in love soon

  12. Kerry Becker

    Hi, I just shared this on my FB group. Fun tool!

  13. Amanda

    This is cool, looking forward to the new app too!

  14. Andrew Ward

    My new daily (sometimes hourly lol) page. Thanks!