Upright Keywords

Fairness, balance, truth, integrity, law, accountability, decision-making

Reversed Keywords

Injustice, imbalance, dishonesty, lack of accountability, unfairness

The Justice Tarot Card Description

Justice, a figure cloaked in regal attire, holds a sword in one hand symbolizing truth and a balanced scale in the other representing fairness and impartiality. With unwavering discernment, she embodies the principles of justice, accountability, and moral equilibrium.

This card speaks of karmic consequences and the universal law of cause and effect. It signifies a time when fairness, integrity, and moral decisions play a crucial role in your journey. Justice calls for truth-seeking, ethical choices, and taking responsibility for your actions. It assures you that justice will prevail and that your choices will have repercussions. This is a reminder to approach situations with clarity and fairness, knowing that truth and righteousness will ultimately prevail. Trust in the cosmic balance and let your decisions be guided by the principles of integrity and equity.

The Justice Upright General Meaning

In its upright position, the Justice card carries a general meaning of fairness and equilibrium. It signifies the need for objective judgment and the consequences that come with it. This card reminds us that every action has a reaction, and we must take responsibility for our choices and behaviors. It serves as a reminder that the universe seeks equilibrium and will strive to restore balance in all aspects of our lives.

The Justice card prompts us to seek truth and clarity in our dealings with others and ourselves. It encourages us to approach situations with impartiality and to consider all sides of the story before making judgments or decisions. This card reminds us that fairness and justice should be at the forefront of our interactions, encouraging us to treat others with respect, empathy, and equality.

The Justice Upright Tarot Meaning: Love

In matters of love, the Justice card symbolizes the importance of balance, honesty, and fairness. It suggests that a relationship based on equality, mutual respect, and shared values will thrive. This card encourages you to seek truth and clarity in your romantic connections. If you’re single, it indicates that finding love will involve making fair and wise choices. Assess your relationships with discernment and ensure that you’re being treated with respect and integrity. If you’re in a committed partnership, the Justice card reminds you to maintain equilibrium and address any imbalances that may arise. Open and honest communication will be key to resolving conflicts and maintaining harmony. Overall, the Justice card signifies the need for fairness, integrity, and ethical conduct in matters of the heart.

The Justice Upright Tarot Meaning: Career

In the realm of career and professional pursuits, the Justice card symbolizes fairness, balance, and accountability. It heralds a period where your diligent efforts and ethical conduct will be rewarded. This card signifies that justice will prevail, and decisions will be made in your favor, based on the merits of your work. It encourages you to embrace integrity, honesty, and impartiality in your dealings. By adhering to these principles, you will attract respect and recognition from your colleagues and superiors. This is a time for making just choices and taking responsibility for your actions. Remember, the scales of justice are always watching, ensuring that your hard work and righteousness lead you to success in your chosen career path.

The Justice Upright Tarot Meaning: Health

Regarding your health, the Justice card conveys a message of balance and equilibrium. It reminds you to maintain harmony in all aspects of your well-being. This card suggests that you focus on creating a balanced lifestyle by incorporating exercise, proper nutrition, and rest into your daily routine. Seek moderation in your habits and avoid any extremes. It is vital to address any health concerns promptly and seek appropriate professional advice. Justice encourages you to take responsibility for your own well-being, making fair choices that support your physical and emotional equilibrium. By embracing this sense of balance, you will find yourself in good health, both physically and spiritually.

The Justice Upright Yes/No Meaning

Justice in upright suggests a definite “yes” in terms of fairness, balance, and truth prevailing. It represents justice being served, legal matters resolved in your favor, and a fair outcome. Take responsibility for your actions and make ethical decisions.


The Justice Reversed General Meaning

When the Justice card appears in reverse, it signifies a disruption in the natural balance of fairness and equity. This suggests that there may be dishonesty, injustice, or an unfair outcome in a situation. It warns against making hasty judgments or taking impulsive actions, as they may lead to regret and unintended consequences. In this state, it is crucial to reflect on your own actions and motivations, as well as the actions of others involved. Seek truth and strive to restore balance and harmony, even if it requires making difficult decisions. Remember that justice will eventually prevail, but it may take time and patience. Trust in the universe’s divine order and allow the process to unfold naturally.

The Justice Reversed Meaning: Love

In matters of love, the reversed Justice card signifies imbalance and discord within a relationship. There may be a lack of fairness, dishonesty, or unresolved conflicts that are causing strain. It is important to address these issues honestly and openly, avoiding the temptation to place blame solely on one party. Seek compromise, understanding, and forgiveness to restore harmony. If single, this card advises against rushing into a new relationship without carefully considering the potential consequences. Take time to assess your own desires and values to ensure they align with a potential partner.

JusticeThe Fool Reversed Meaning: Career

When the Justice card appears in reverse in career readings, it indicates a lack of fairness or imbalance in the workplace. Unethical practices, office politics, or unjust treatment may be present. This card urges you to be cautious and observant of your surroundings. Avoid engaging in gossip or participating in activities that compromise your integrity. Focus on maintaining your own moral compass and strive for fairness in your interactions with colleagues. If facing a difficult decision or conflict at work, carefully evaluate all aspects before taking action. Seek guidance from trusted mentors or superiors to help navigate the challenging circumstances.

The Justice Reversed Meaning: Health

In terms of health, the reversed Justice card suggests a need for vigilance and caution. It indicates that there may be an imbalance or unfairness in your well-being. Pay attention to any symptoms or signs your body is giving you, as they may be indicators of underlying issues. It is essential to seek professional medical advice and not ignore any concerns or discomfort. Engage in self-care practices that promote balance, such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and finding ways to reduce stress. Avoid self-judgment or harsh criticism regarding your health journey, and instead, focus on restoring equilibrium and harmony within your body and mind.

The Justice Reversed Yes/No Meaning

Justice in reverse suggests a potential “no” in terms of fairness or the expected outcome. It signifies imbalance, dishonesty, or an unfair situation. It advises caution and seeking clarity before making any important decisions.

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