Wheel of Fortune

Upright Keywords

Destiny, change, luck, cycles, opportunity, fate, divine intervention

Reversed Keywords

Bad luck, stagnation, lack of control, missed opportunities, unchanging circumstances

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Description

The Wheel of Fortune, a mysterious and captivating symbol of destiny, spins eternally, dictating the ebb and flow of life’s cycles. It embodies the ever-changing nature of existence, reminding us that fortune can shift in an instant. As the wheel turns, it brings opportunities, challenges, and unexpected twists of fate.

This card invites you to surrender to the rhythm of life and embrace the cycles of growth and transformation. It signifies a turning point, a chance to seize the momentum and align yourself with the currents of destiny. The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that both the ups and downs hold valuable lessons and offer opportunities for growth. Embrace the unknown, for in the dance of the wheel lies the potential for great transformation and unimaginable blessings.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright General Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune, a symbol of destiny and constant change, represents the cyclical nature of life. It signifies the ever-turning wheel of fate, where circumstances and opportunities fluctuate. This card reminds us that life is filled with ups and downs, and nothing remains the same forever. It speaks of a time of transformation, unexpected twists of fate, and the need to embrace change.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that we have the power to shape our own destiny through our choices and actions. It encourages us to be adaptable, open to new possibilities, and to trust in the greater forces at play. The presence of this card reminds us that although we cannot control external circumstances, we can choose how we respond to them.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright Tarot Meaning: Love

The Wheel of Fortune in matters of love represents a turning point or a significant change in a relationship. It signifies a period of growth, evolution, and karmic shifts. This card suggests that your love life is entering a new phase, and unexpected opportunities or challenges may arise. It reminds you to embrace the changes with an open heart and trust that the Universe has a plan. The Wheel of Fortune advises you to be adaptable, let go of control, and be willing to take risks in matters of the heart. It reminds you that love is ever-changing, and by embracing the ebb and flow, you can discover new depths and experiences in your relationships.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright Tarot Meaning: Career

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes a powerful force of fate and destiny in the realm of one’s career. In its upright position, this card signifies a significant turning point or a stroke of luck that brings about positive changes and opportunities. It represents a period of favorable circumstances, where the individual experiences a sudden shift in their professional journey.

This card suggests that the wheel of fortune is turning in their favor, opening doors to new beginnings, success, and prosperity. It encourages the seeker to seize the moment and take bold actions to capitalize on the opportunities presented. It indicates that the individual’s career path is aligned with cosmic forces, and they are in a favorable position to achieve their goals and aspirations. The Wheel of Fortune urges the seeker to trust the process, have faith in their abilities, and embrace the changes that come their way.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright Tarot Meaning: Health

In terms of health, the upright Wheel of Fortune signifies a period of positive transformation and well-being. It indicates a fortunate turn of events that can lead to improved physical and emotional health. This card suggests that the individual may experience a sudden breakthrough or a shift in their health condition that brings about positive outcomes. It represents a time of healing, vitality, and a renewed sense of energy.

The Wheel of Fortune encourages the seeker to make the most of this favorable period by adopting healthy habits, engaging in physical activities, and embracing a positive mindset. It reminds them that they have the power to manifest positive changes in their well-being and that they are supported by cosmic forces. This card signifies a time of good health, vitality, and overall well-being, bringing a sense of joy and abundance to the individual’s life.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright Yes/No Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune in upright suggests a definite “yes” in terms of luck and favorable circumstances aligning in your favor. It signifies a turning point, positive changes, and unexpected opportunities. Trust the flow of life and take bold actions.


The Wheel of Fortune Reversed General Meaning

In the reverse position, the Wheel of Fortune card indicates a period of stagnation and lack of progress. It suggests that you may be experiencing a string of unfortunate events or feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle. The forces of fate seem to be working against you, hindering your ability to move forward and achieve your goals. This is a time of unpredictability and instability, where it becomes crucial to exercise caution and adaptability. It’s essential to remember that this phase is temporary, and the wheel will eventually turn in your favor.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning: Love

When it comes to love, the reversed Wheel of Fortune represents a period of uncertainty and instability in your romantic relationships. You may find that things are not progressing as you had hoped, and the future of the relationship may feel uncertain. It’s essential to communicate openly and honestly with your partner during this time to address any underlying issues and work towards finding a resolution. Patience and understanding are key in navigating through this challenging phase.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning: Career

In terms of career, the reversed Wheel of Fortune suggests a lack of advancement and opportunities for growth. You may be experiencing setbacks or delays in your professional life, making it difficult to achieve your desired outcomes. It is crucial to remain resilient and adaptable during this time, as new opportunities may present themselves in unexpected ways. Consider reevaluating your goals and exploring alternative paths to overcome obstacles and regain momentum.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning: Health

When it comes to health, the reversed Wheel of Fortune signifies a period of instability and fluctuation. It suggests that your well-being may be subject to ups and downs, making it challenging to maintain a consistent state of health. It is crucial to take extra care of your physical and mental well-being during this time. Seek support from healthcare professionals, practice self-care routines, and listen to your body’s needs. Be mindful of any unhealthy habits or patterns that may be contributing to your overall health and make necessary changes to promote balance and stability. Remember, this phase will eventually pass, and better times are on the horizon.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Yes/No Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune in reverse indicates a potential “no” in terms of luck or external circumstances. It suggests obstacles, setbacks, or a lack of control over the situation. It advises caution and patience to navigate through challenging times.

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