Fortune Telling

June 3, 2020

Fortune Telling

Different Methods, and How They Work

Do you grapple with sleepless nights because you don’t know how your day will turn out? Are you scared about losing your job in the near future, or even failing an exam? Well, fortune telling is all about telling what will happen in the future. But is it true that these predictions can be accurate? And what about Fortune Tellers Online. Here are some useful insights into the topic.

Fortune Telling At A Glance

The human mind has always craved to know about the future. Unfortunately, this is something that can never be known in advance until the future comes. Destiny is always hidden. However, with the tendency to unfold the mysteries of life, man is on a journey to know his future. He wants to know everything in advance.

Now, to foretell the future, one needs to have mystical powers, which are sometimes practiced for commercial gains. Sometimes it is often combined with divination, a religious practice of predicting the future through interpreting omens.

In American and European Communities

In places such as America and Europe, fortune tellers may use methods such as horary astrology, astromancy and spirit board reading to tell the future. Astromancy is derived from the practice of astrology. On the other hand, horary astrology involves the astrologer designing their own horoscope at the time they receive a question and base their predictions on that. The Latin Tarot deck originated many years ago and is still extremely common throughout Europe.

An Ouija board or spirit board is simply a board printed with letters, names and even symbols. There’s also an indicator pointing to characters on the board, and its main duty is to answer questions asked by human beings.

Tarot and cartomancy use cards to predict what the future will look like, while crystallomancy is prediction based on reading from a crystal sphere.

Palmistry, also popularly known as cheiromancy, is also another common technique used by fortune tellers in America and Europe as well. And when you study African-American societies, predicting the future without the help of any device is a very common practice. In other words, the fortune tellers are believed to have some supernatural powers which they use to tell the future.

In Asian Communities

Here, they use a variety of techniques to tell the future. For example, palm reading is a very popular practice, where the lines on your palm are associated with various aspects of your life. The shape, as well as the size of your fingers are all believed to determine one’s future.

There are also methods such as Face reading, which bases fortune telling on the features of one’s face. There’s a theory which says the upper facial features resemble youthfulness. The middle section represents the middle section, and the lower part represents old age.

China uses a method called Kau Cim, which involves shaking a bamboo cylinder to bring out an incense stick from the cylinder itself. This stick has characters inscribed in it, and they represent the future. If you look at the Western countries, you’ll find that this method is popularly known as Chi-Chi sticks.

Numbers, Animals and Fortune Telling

Numbers are believed to play a crucial part in telling one’s future. This is called numerology, where numbers that constitute one’s birth date are used in the prediction of their future.

Other methods involve the use of animal behavior to know the future. For instance, some communities believe that when cats sneeze, it is a symbol that it will rain. On the other hand, when a black cat happens to cross your line, then it signifies bad luck. Other cultures see snakes as messengers of God.

Graphology is another rare method used when predicting one’s future, and it is based on their handwriting. Some people use it to tell character traits, though it can still be used to predict the future.

Fortune Telling Playing Cards and How They Are Used to Tell The Future

If you’re just wondering how your day will turn out, you can use the playing cards to predict the answers to your questions.


1 – Just close your eyes and free your mind of all thoughts
2 – When you feel relaxed, open your eyes and concentrate on the card deck
3 – Shuffle the cards and locate your tarot card for the day
4 – Use this prediction once in a day


When you find a method that works for you, stick to it. There’s no one method that works for everyone. Furthermore, techniques that involve the use of playing cards or even Ouija board can bring different results every time they are used, so it’s advisable that you use them only once a day.

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