Trusted Tarot

Having probably searched or had this link shared to you, you are probably wondering how accurate and trusted tarot readings can be. Maybe you have already had a reading or have been told something that you may think is too good to be true, or indeed, is too difficult to accept.

If you are new to tarot readings, you’ll no doubt find that there are huge numbers of readers out there, from the internet right down to the good old yellow pages listings. Many of the internet’s tarot readers and websites offer all kinds of incentives and/or testimonials to make you feel that your tarot reader can be more trusted. Interestingly, it is quite common that those who are quite new to tarot readings, often find they are told things that mean a lot to them and seem to have a “connection” to their lives. While you can indeed achieve a trusted tarot reading, there are also many coincidences that can easily be drawn from what you are told.

An example is that many young women are told promising things about a new potential partner they have met. Supposed trusted tarot readers will listen to the persons story/question and play off that information. To elaborate, a young woman may call a reader, expressing their interest in a man who is reciprocating interest. Whilst she may have trouble reading some of his signals, most 3rd parties viewing the relationship between these two people would agree that the two will most likely come close together to form a loving relationship. Tarot readers and psychics will give the person information they want to hear and indeed, tell them the obvious. Being the reader, they already give a false sense of trust and integrity.

What needs to be scrutinised are the intricate details. Dates, names, events and similar attributes gleaned from a reading, are more heavily weighed when it comes to the persons ultimate decisions and need to be carefully thought out before any actions are made. Perhaps the reader gives a date a few weeks into the future where the man joins the woman on a date/arrangement, yet such event would have never taken place had the seed not been planted and the woman initiated such request. Indeed, dates are also given based on the caller’s story, so again it is a reminder to keep intricate details to yourself when establishing whether or not your reader can indeed be trusted to provide accurate tarot readings and information.

While the general consensus on trusted tarot readers is that they all must be honest and tell the truth, it is well known that a good number do not. Creating false hope and information not only misleads the person having the reading, but damages the credibility of not only the reader, but the genuine readers out there.

The majority of the truly gifted and trusted readers do not advertise extensively online, nor do they flout their talents. These people often need to be “found” through fortuitous timing, connections, referrals and/or pure coincidence. Good readers will never “draw out” a reading or ask you to connect with them again. There is no reason for a trusted tarot reader to ask you to call again or utilise their services again. It shouldn’t ever happen. Indeed, they should never give you advice on your decision making. Instead, a trusted reader will arm you with the advice you need to make the decisions yourself.

Here are some signs you are dealing with a trusted reader:

  • No sense of a connection. A trusted tarot reader will never imply or allude to a “connection” with you, especially having only just met them. These things can indeed take time and cannot be forced.
  • They don’t ask too many questions. You’re employing the services of a reader, and somebody who has a deeper insight, so they shouldn’t need to ask you too many questions. This is a dead giveaway when your reader continually asks you questions, most likely in the hope to tell you information you can feel is related to you, due to the information you just gave them.
  • They’ll be professional. You won’t find them at a carnival or circus, nor will they be at kids shows and events. If on the telephone, there won’t be excessive background noise and they most certainly won’t be reading though a book or losing concentration.
  • They won’t tell you things you “want to hear”. A professional will give you the information with no frills or added emotion. A clear and precise statement should be just that. There should not be obvious “happy, feely” type statements, and indeed, ones that make you feel like you have a fake connection with this person, prompting further visits/calls.
  • They will not play off your emotions or vulnerability. Often those who seek trusted reading will be emotionally vulnerable, and most readers are highly aware of this. Be aware of any sympathy or empathy displayed during the reading, as a trusted tarot reader or a psychic should not be counselling you. They should only be giving you information based off what they are receiving.

We wish you the very best and trust that once you open your mind and soul to the chance of coming across a true reader, they will find you.

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