Accurate Psychic Readings

June 3, 2020

Accurate Psychic Readings

Learning To Obtain Accurate Psychic Readings

Being able to obtain accurate psychic readings and trusted tarot readings is a skill in itself. The first thing you should understand is how to pick a psychic that is suitable to you, and indeed, has the skills to assist with your specific needs.

There are many different levels and abilities that a psychic can possess, and all psychics abilities will differ. It is important to not only ensure that your chosen psychic has many positive reviews, but to also meet them first and “connect”. Indeed, most people who have the most accurate psychic readings have noted that they felt a “connection” with their reader prior to having the reading done.

I for one have had my most accurate psychic readings with only two people out of dozens of psychics I have seen before. These two people however, cannot seem to offer the same accuracy to somebody I recommended to see them. While we still cannot understand the exact science/link behind psychics and their clients, it is without doubt that they have stronger connections with certain people.

So How Do You Choose The Most Accurate Psychic?

As just mentioned, choosing a psychic who received a good number of excellent reviews is where you should be starting your search.

Accurate Psychic Readings Also Depend On You

It is important to remember, however, that this does not guarantee that you will obtain accurate psychic readings from them. This is usually because you are unable to achieve the required “connection”.

It also heavily depends on the kind of questions you have. One particular dear old soul who has since passed on, had an uncanny ability to tell my friends and I everything about our first school teachers. It was amazing. Anything to do with our love or past relationships, however, was a complete mystery to her.

This is a perfect example of an obvious and brilliant psychic talent, but one of little value to those searching for answers about their love lives. Don’t believe any psychic who is charging you, that they can try to answer everything you want to know. An honest psychic will always advise you when one of their colleagues or friends are better suited to you.

If you do not have the opportunity to spend some time with a psychic, just getting to know them and trying to connect, then you would be best advised to stick with the most highly rated readers. After reading through their clients reviews and picking out any trends in the information they received during their readings. You can often identify a small list of potential readers.

You should then trust your feelings about who you pick from your shortlist and book a reading with them. Once you have a reading or two you can always go to the next person on your list, until you really feel a “connection” with somebody.

You will know when you have found the right reader for you, and these are important steps towards obtaining accurate psychic readings.

A Good Reader Does NOT Need Your Input

Any reader that asks you a lot of different questions (of course they can ask you general things) about your journey for knowledge, are most likely fakes or have very little ability. The information should come from their own sources and the less you tell them, the more likely their credibility increases when they start to give you information.

In addition to this, any recommendation from a friend should be approached wisely. There is a chance your friend has mentioned you or a situation you are involved in before, and this is an easy way to surprise you with falsely acquired knowledge.

While some general questions about how you are or where you are from can simply just be small talk, and “breaking the ice” between you are innocent, be careful not to give too much away. One of my favorite readers just simply opened up and went straight into detail, within a minute of meeting her.

There should also be no hesitation on the readers part, unless of course they are receiving painful or potentially harmful information in which case you should take this into account. Generally a reading should be very calm, relaxed and peaceful.

You can easily pickup “cold readings” by how your psychic phrases their questions. Most fake readers will fish for clues and information which they build upon to improve their correct guess ratio. Of course there are times when you will be asked what certain things mean, but take your time to analyze these kind of questions when beginning the reading. Once you establish that your psychic is indeed legit and begins to offer some surprising information, then you can lower your guard a little more.

Some examples of these questions would be:

Your reader asks “Who died in a car accident?” This is obviously fishing for information. They correct thing to say would be something like “There is someone here in spirit who died in a car accident.”

A good psychic might also say something like “I have been given a message spirit to talk about a nurse”, which may then lead into further information or at least get you thinking, yet not giving up information. A fishing psychic would instead ask something like, “Do you know a nurse?” or “Who’s the nurse?”

Being told that a message is coming through, a good psychic will likely ask if that makes any sense to you, and if not, probably move on instead of digging further. If the message is indeed meant for you, more information will come out without you needing to give up information.

It's important to feel comfortable during your reading

Comfort Level

As I previously mentioned, your own intuition will have a big part to play in choosing your reader, and it is essential you feel comfortable with them. Nervousness or anxiety are purely natural feelings, but you should feel comfortable overall.
The environment should be peaceful and you should not feel smothered or pressured in any way. This is also the same for the reader. You should be able to note how comfortable and relaxed they are. In addition, you should feel comfortable having a conversation with them.

It’s important to feel comfortable during your reading

What To Look Out For

Here are some important things to keep an eye on. While most reputable psychics can be trusted with your time and money, there are number of things you should beware of when searching for accurate psychic readings.


If you are ever offered something other than another session, you should immediately become suspicious. These include “spell removals”, or “magic charms”. You’re there for a reading. If you wanted a magic charm, you would have asked for one. You need a psychic, not a salesperson. For your information, most reputable psychics consider “spells” and “charms” to be absolute nonsense.

Scare Tactics

No psychic should ever scare you into making a big decision and not just related to your money. A legit psychic may tell you some heavy information, but will also wrap it in cotton wool. There should be no scare tactics used in order to gain further bookings or for supplementary items or services.

Sense Of Urgency

This should be common sense, but do not let a psychic ever create a sense of urgency for you. You should of course use your own judgement with their information just a factor you take into account. Don’t hasten any big decisions if they tell you too. Simply arm yourself with the information to possibly assist you in making a better decision.

Promotion After The Reading

Unless there is an amazing deal that specifically relates to you and is offered because you are an ongoing client, then constant email or phone promotion is a sure sign of a desperate reader or at least one who has a poor marketing team. Your meeting should be private, confidential and above all, no invitation to get you back. You’ll go back if you want to.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

This age old saying also applies here. Less professional or unethical psychics will often spout off nonsense such as “you are going to have 2 children”, or “you’re never going to marry” etc. Firstly, I’d advise anybody against returning to such a reader. Secondly, while similar comments could be made by a professional they would always back it up with why they said it. They would also ensure you know that these things can and often do change and would allow you the opportunity to interpret the information in a way that makes more sense to you.

Don't Let Your Emotions Get In The Way

Keep Your Emotions And Vulnerabilities Out Of It

A lot of people get ripped off and preyed on by unethical psychics when they are down and vulnerable. Too many people end up running to psychics, more often than not, psychic hotlines, and spend crazy amounts of money when they are upset.

This is a recipe for disaster. Firstly, any psychic who takes your money and tries to give you a reading when you are extremely distraught or grieving, is a bad psychic. They should instead be referring you to a professional counselor. I have heard of cases where psychics completely milked clients who had lost a loved one and told the client they were in “constant contact” with their loved one. These kind of people are not psychics, but frauds who are quite frankly disgusting.

Then there are those people who suffer from anxiety and/or a lack of confidence and approach a psychic about their partner. We’ve all heard or will hear a story of somebody who was told by their “psychic” that their partner is cheating on them, or something to that effect. No good psychic in their right mind would give you such advice. Breaking up or reuniting with a person is up to you. Be careful of these types of readers.

You might be better off having a free tarot reading first to try and calm yourself down. Do this with a friend and try to calm yourself a bit first

This is also your responsibility. You should not approach a psychic when you are highly emotional, as you are more open to interpretations, especially given the situation (speaking to a psychic!). Some of our worst decisions are made in life when we are highly emotional.

If you are in a bad situation and not “yourself” you should instead first seek some guidance with that from professionals, family and friends close to you. Accurate psychic readings are only as good as you help make them. Do your research, choose wisely and enter the room with a level head.

Best wishes to you.



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