Celtic Cross Spread

Welcome to Lotus Tarot’s Free Celtic Cross Spread. Below are ten cards that have been drawn for you, feel free to shuffle these if you like. The cards are listed in ten positions which are explained in further on how to interpret the Celtic Cross Spread.

For the sake of those on mobile and tablet devices, we have laid out the cards in a two to a line format. Your cards are numbered as shown in the image here, from 1 through to 10.

Your Comparison For The Celtic Cross Spread

Your Spread Layout VS The Celtic Cross Spread
Simply match up your cards to the positions and find the positions descriptions below.

How To Use This Reader

  1. Click on the card image to reveal your card
  2. Click the cards image again to read the description
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The Hermit

Do you feel alone or are you in need of some alone time? The Hermit Card is closely associated with the Zodiac sign, Virgo, which is often solitary and enjoys its own company.

The message here might be that things could be getting too much for you, and to take a break to re-balance yourself. It is a great reminder to take the time for reflection.

In love readings, it can also mean that your partner is extremely faithful, and has only you in their heart and mind. This, however, can mean the opposite depending on what other cards you receive, in that you might soon be alone.

Regardless of the situation, there is a lesson to be heeded that time alone is important.

More about The Hermit Card

The Empress

The Empress is known as the mother of the Tarot. If you look closely at her crown you will see a jewel for each of the 12 zodiac signs. She is smiling, partly due to the amount of luxury she is enjoying.

The Empress has good reasons to smile and be proud, however, as she rightfully earned her success.

The Empress is a very feminine card, and as such, represents parenthood, fertility, and empowerment. Pay close attention to where this card is drawn in your spread and understand that you have every right to be proud of success and achievement.

More about The Empress Card

Knight Of Swords

When the Knight of Swords is drawn, it often means there is a person who is creating a sense of urgency around you, that is often unwarranted.

Manipulation is a theme associated with this card, and there may be somebody who is acting out selfishly, without any concern for the other parties involved.

You need to keep a clear head, as Swords strike quickly and often without warning.

Being assertive and clear about your path is your best defense and prepares you for evasive action to avoid any strikes of the Sword here.

Three Of Swords

The Three Of Swords is most certainly an unwelcome card, often symbolizing heartbreak, or being hurt by somebody close to you.

There can also be a message here that any pain you had from a previous heartbreak, is still hurting you and to let go. There is no point dwelling on the past. It is water under the bridge and you must let go in order to stop being held back.

In business, this can also mean a business deal has gone or will go bad, often with a third party being the root cause.

The Emperor

The Emperor Card is closely associated with Aries, which in turn makes the Emperor an excellent leader in your Tarot reading.

As a natural born leader, he commands a level of authority. When this card is drawn, it could be representing a judge, law enforcement officer, superior or somebody in a similar position in your life. The Emperor can also symbolize a father figure. This is because it represents Jupiter, the god of gods.

While the Emperor is of a high ranking and standing, he is a warm character, and is extremely fair and just, that can offer the same love of a father. This is certainly a welcome card and one that you can count on, wherever it appears in your reading.

More about The Emperor Card

Four Of Swords

The Four of Swords is a card of healing. While this card also represents a loss, it is often associated with the loss of a problem.

The message that this card brings, is to ensure you are getting the rest and recovery you need.

One cannot hold the sword and battle the challenges that life brings, without adequate rest and recovery.

Queen Of Pentacles

There is a message of abundance and possible fertility when this card makes an appearance.

The Queen of Pentacles is reminding you that while there may not be too much going on around you now, you are still as good as gold and ready for what the future brings. It is also an indicator that what you have been doing, especially for family and close contacts, is great and will produce the fruits of your labor soon.

While you may not particularly feel it, you are actually doing very well.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant often represents a Taurus in your life and is bringing a message that you need to seek wisdom.

There may be a lack of proper structure somewhere in your life, and it is important to get this organized as soon as possible, likely with the assistance of a wise, older man. Some things in life cannot be done alone, and in this instance, require you to reach out.

There is also an indication of a new learning experience. Perhaps you are or are intending to learn something new or are beginning a new path of growth.

More about The Hierophant

Six Of Cups

The Six of Cups brings with it a message to be grateful for what you have and to not take life too seriously, for their are many things to be enjoyed in your future.

This card can bring nostalgia with it and you may have some fond memories or re-connections with souls from the past.

There may also be somebody else from the past who is thinking deeply about you and your activities, so you can also expect to bump into a past connection soon.

The Chariot

The Chariot is telling you that you need to take control of current situation. This card can also indicate that the Zodiac sign, Cancer, is likely to show up soon.

Cancerians are usually successful through hard work and continued efforts. That can also be the message here, that your success is sure, but it will take long, hard work.

Are you considering a more senior position at work or taking on more work? What about study or upskilling?

The Chariot is assuring you of your future success, but reminding you to keep your eyes on the prize and not give up.

More about The Chariot card

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How To Interpret This Spread

This image shows the true layout of a Celtic Cross Spread. As mentioned above, we have laid out your cards in an easy to view format as you are receiving your reading on a mobile device, tablet or computer, and the traditional layout does not suit digital formats.

How A Celtic Cross Spread is laid out


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The Celtic Cross spread is the oldest known and without a doubt, the most popular pattern for Tarot readings. It is said that the survival of this spread is due to the energy from the amount of people who use this particular spread daily, and the decades of use throughout the world.

It is divided into two sections, namely the “Circle/Cross” on the left side, made up of two crosses – a central one (two cards) nested within a larger cross (six cards), and the Staff on the right side, as shown in the above diagram. The “Circle/Cross” stems from the Celtic cross which can be found throughout the country of Ireland. It symbolizes the unity of all events.

The feminine energy of the Circular section works together with the masculine energy of the Staff section.

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