Celtic Cross Spread

Welcome to Lotus Tarot’s Free Celtic Cross Spread. Below are ten cards that have been drawn for you, feel free to shuffle these if you like. The cards are listed in ten positions which are explained in further on how to interpret the Celtic Cross Spread.

For the sake of those on mobile and tablet devices, we have laid out the cards in a two to a line format. Your cards are numbered as shown in the image here, from 1 through to 10.

Your Comparison For The Celtic Cross Spread

Your Spread Layout VS The Celtic Cross Spread
Simply match up your cards to the positions and find the positions descriptions below.

How To Use This Reader

  1. Click on the card image to reveal your card
  2. Click the cards image again to read the description
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Four Of Wands

The number four is a symbol of foundation, and in western cultures, is a strong number of stability.

This card brings the message that there is good news coming, and bright skies ahead. Many times when this card arrives, it is because you have been struggling with something for too long, and that this problem is about to be resolved. This is the magic of the wand!

The number four also has a close association to the home, therefore you may be moving or renovating your home, or have something to do with a loved ones home.

Re-location to a new and better home outside of your current city or country could also be the message here.

Six Of Cups

The Six of Cups brings with it a message to be grateful for what you have and to not take life too seriously, for their are many things to be enjoyed in your future.

This card can bring nostalgia with it and you may have some fond memories or re-connections with souls from the past.

There may also be somebody else from the past who is thinking deeply about you and your activities, so you can also expect to bump into a past connection soon.

Seven Of Swords

There is a sense of deception in the air when the Seven of Swords is drawn. In love, this can mean that your significant other is being unfaithful, or is not being forthcoming with sensitive or important information.

In business, it can mean that a colleague has done something deceptive and most likely thinks they have gotten away with it. The weight of seven swords, however, is too great to handle and they have it coming to them. The truth will be revealed.

The message here, is to be very wary of deceit around you, even though it will surface for all to see. If you are the one being deceitful, then it is about to bite you.

Ace Of Cups

The Ace of Cups meaning is of inner peace and joy, usually from close friends and family. The five streams pouring out from the cup represent the five main human senses: smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste.

It is a symbol of possibility in the area of intimacy and deep feelings such as compassion and love. It can also mean that a seed of emotional awareness has been planted somewhere in your life whether you know it or not.

This seed can take on any form but most likely will take on the form of an attraction, or a strong feeling of intuition. It can also represent a gift.

King Of Swords

The Sword cards represent the air signs and when this card is drawn, it usually means that a Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius is in the picture, however, it’s usually an Aquarius.

It can also symbolize somebody who is in control of some land, perhaps a landlord, council or governing body over some area of land that concerns you. When this card is drawn, it usually means that everything associated with the land or property are in sound order due to following the proper procedures.

If this is related to an emotional situation, it is a reminder to remove all emotion and to use logic and reason to make the correct decision.

Ace Of Wands

The Ace of Wands is an excellent omen to receive in any tarot reading.

It usually symbolizes new beginnings in your creative or passionate ventures in life.

This new beginning usually happens quickly and is incoming fast, most likely giving you a complete surprise when it comes. The image shows the hand coming from the clouds, meaning that this will come to you naturally and is not a gift you need to search for.

The most common associations are new connections with other souls, a new partner, a vacation/stint overseas, or something new in the creative area of your life.

Two Of Wands

A card closely related to preparation. the Two of Wands can bring a message of confusion, in that you are stuck in choosing between one thing over another.

While the card can bring uncertainty and anxiousness with these choices, in reality they are not too heavy, and you are likely to be making them bigger concerns than they deserve to be.

The message here is to follow your instincts and not overthink on this decision.

Three Of Cups

The Three of Cups is a celebration card. When you see this card, you can generally expect a celebration or special occasion. Many people consider this card to represent a date.

It can also symbolize a wedding or similar occasion. There is a high chance that this occasion will feature at least several women, as this is a very feminine card.

The card also means that good times are ahead and there are causes for celebration going forward, regardless of the situation at hand.


While the Death card can sound rather scary and ominous, it does not have to be at all. This card is not always a sad card, and indeed, it very rarely means an actual death.

The Death card directly corresponds with the Scorpio zodiac, which is often associated with deep and personal transformations. There is a bright sun in the background of this card, so be sure not to think of this as a “dark card”.

The common message when you come across this card, is often the death of a “way of life”. Some kind of transformation is taking place and you are changing as a person. While many types of change can be uncomfortable, this card shows the death of an old way, with a bright shining sun on the horizon, meaning good things are to come.

More about The Death Card

The Star

The Star brings creativity and peace the majority of the time when it is drawn. Being related to the zodiac sign Aquarius, it can signal a re-connection with a loved one.

It is a great reminder that having gone through tough times, that better times always present themselves eventually. These better times can have somebody involved who is integral in the process, and doing it without reward. Often, readers refer to this card as a persons guardian angel.

This is a great card to receive in a favorable position, as it is often associated with good fortune and success.

More about The Star Card

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How To Interpret This Spread

This image shows the true layout of a Celtic Cross Spread. As mentioned above, we have laid out your cards in an easy to view format as you are receiving your reading on a mobile device, tablet or computer, and the traditional layout does not suit digital formats.

How A Celtic Cross Spread is laid out


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The Celtic Cross spread is the oldest known and without a doubt, the most popular pattern for Tarot readings. It is said that the survival of this spread is due to the energy from the amount of people who use this particular spread daily, and the decades of use throughout the world.

It is divided into two sections, namely the “Circle/Cross” on the left side, made up of two crosses – a central one (two cards) nested within a larger cross (six cards), and the Staff on the right side, as shown in the above diagram. The “Circle/Cross” stems from the Celtic cross which can be found throughout the country of Ireland. It symbolizes the unity of all events.

The feminine energy of the Circular section works together with the masculine energy of the Staff section.

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